Julie Ann Rose


Jesus, I Trust in Thee

My greatest prayer and deepest hope is that I will leave behind me a Legacy of Love. I trust in you Jesus as I live with intense love. The Love that you gave to me in much abundance.  Now, I am passionate and courageous to give it away to the oppressed, abandoned, shattered and forgotten.  I desire to be a living example of one woman brought into this world as nothing can make a difference in the lives of others. I am humbly compelled to be the light of Christ in a dark world.

A force of Love, God’s love for the Shattered. Blessings!

~ Julie Ann Rose

Julie Ann Rose is a trauma counselor, ordained minister, author, speaker, and filmmaker. She holds an M.A. in counseling and a certificate in Theological Studies from Bethel Seminary. She is also a C.S.A. member, certified in Sexual Abuse Healing.

Julie’s desire to reach women and men who have experienced childhood sexual abuse, trauma of abortion and even sex trafficking came out of her own trauma and healing.


She co-authored her life story, Restoring the Heart: Experiencing Christ’s Healing after Brokenness with Mathew Woodley. She also wrote Post-Abortion Trauma: The Silent Side of Abortion with Mark Kretschmar and Surviving the Storms of Life with Dr. H. Norman Wright and Mathew Woodley.  She also published several articles on post-abortion trauma and childhood sexual abuse for various publications.

Julie also produced In the Wildflowers, for those who have suffered the trauma of childhood emotional, physical, sexual, or spiritual abuse/neglect, and completed the production of Into My Arms for those who want to heal from the pain of an abortion.

These programs are created to heal the wounded from childhood sexual abuse and the trauma of abortion. For years she has listened to the heartbeat of God each step of the way as He wove each piece of the process together.


Click BELOW to listen to her testimony and transformation presented a few years ago on the Dr James Dobson Podcast series Shattered and Restored.


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Julie’s passion is to become richly involved in the lives of others, inviting them to consider their own hearts and helping them discard the things that rob them of the joy that God has for them. She gravitates toward people who have been placed in tragic situations. Her calling is to help people cope with their pasts, to enhance their futures.

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